Helping Out at Hope Lodge

On September 4, 2014, the Rotary Club Of Shady Brook provided dinner for the patients and caregivers residing at the Hope Lodge in Philadelphia. Hope Lodge provides free lodging for anyone receiving treatment at local hospitals. Shady Brook Rotary does this 3-4 time a year. Pictured are Phil Huber, Burt Foreman, Marty Fineberg, Marsha Fineberg, Alan Agree, Club President, Lou Hatfield, Irv Perlstein, Ed Carne, Dr. Augie Adrid, and Henry Gatcia.

Also at this event Club Member Lou Hatfield provided patients with Thank You and other greeting cards for their use.

2014-09-06 - Hope Lodge

Donations to the William Dick School

On September 3, 2014, the Rotary Club of Shady Brook presented backpacks and school supplies to Amy Williams, the principal of the William Dick school in Philadelphia. The Club has also ordered over 70 winter coats which will be distributed to the most needy students when they are received. Pictured are Lou Hatfield, Alan agree, Club President, Amy Williams, Principal, Irv Perlstein, Past President.

2014-09-03 - William Dick School