Donations to Philadelphia’s William Dick School

Support for Philadelphia’s William Dick School

was again on display when the Club delivered 185 backpacks; 275 notebooks; 175 pairs of socks; 5 bags of clothes; kids gloves; 2,500 pencils; reams of paper; dozens of assorted markers, crayons, pens, glue and other classroom supplies.  Many of these items, including the student backpacks, were purchased by the Club while others were generously donated by Club members.

It took Alan Agree, chairperson for the Club’s ongoing efforts to assist the school, its faculty and, most important, its 576 students, more than an hour to pack his car … and then 25-30 teachers to unload the generous supplies.


In the coming months additional support will be coming from the Club to support the school whose entire K-8  student population of children comes an area in Philadelphia listed as economically disadvantaged. 

In the past, the Club has donated many additional items including close to 5,000 books for the school’s library, more than 750 hats knitted by friends and family of Club members to ensure each student has his/her own hat and many other school supplies and items of badly needed clothing.

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