Fred Edelman’s Winning 50/50 Ticket Benefits “A Women’s Place”

The Club's 50/50 is unique in that its weekly ticket winners are then challenged with having a single draw from a deck of cards to pull the Joker in order to claim the "prize money".  If the Joker is not drawn, the card pulled is then removed from the deck for the following week's drawing.  Eventually, a 53 card deck can be reduced dramatically … by today's drawing it was down to just FIVE cards. 

Long-time member and one of the Club's founders, Fred Edelman held today's winning ticket.  He then asked, the Club's newest member, Fran Silverman, to draw on his behalf.  Fran proved to be his "Lady Luck" when she pulled  the

Fred then announced he was donating his $544.00 winning purse to A Woman's Place, the only domestic violence community benefit organization in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and an organization the Club has and continues to support. 

Fran and Fred holding the winning "Joker"

Fred's unselfish donation is a testament to his personal commitment to the values all Rotarians should strive to achieve and is also representative of the ideals held by all of the other members of the Rotary Club of Shady Brook.

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