Frank Farry – Incumbent Republican Candidate for the District 146 State House Seat

State Representative Frank Farry, a candidate for re-election to the 146th District House Seat spoke to our Club this morning.

Frank, who has spoken to our Club on several occasions in the past, outlined the many bills he has sponsored or co-sponsored, many on a bipartisan basis.  He supports reform of the Commonwealth's gerrymandering (although some 400 amendments, many totally unrelated, have bogged down any meaningful legislation from passing), open primaries (while he would like to see Independents and third party registered voters be offered the chance to vote in the primaries, he questions whether Democrats should be able to vote for Republicans and visa-versa in primary elections), reform of the state's educational funding formulas, campaign finance reform (the cost to run for the state house can exceed $200,000, explaining that while candidates can not presently accept corporate money they can benefit from unlimited PAC contributions whose donors can remain anonymous), absentee balloting (but opposes it when misused) … and explained that while as many as 2,600 bills are introduced in the House and 1,200 to 1,400 in the Senate annually, only 100 or so actually become law.

Some of Frank Farry's underlying beliefs include:

Putting is Community First – Frank believes too many politicians are elected and forget about the neighborhood from which they came. He rejects that philosophy because he is not a politician. He is a volunteer firefighter and a lifelong resident of our community. He is a Wharton Business School and Rutgers Law School graduate who did not move away – he stayed to serve his community. For Frank, putting our community first is more than a campaign slogan – it is his way of life.

Enacting Fiscal Discipline – When Frank Farry ran for State Representative, he said his first job was to get Pennsylvania’s fiscal house in order. Frank worked to reduce a $4.2 billion deficit through reductions in wasteful spending and earmarks without raising taxes on hardworking families. Frank has stood up to members of both parties to help end the tax and spend mentality of Harrisburg.

Ensuring a World Class Education – While Frank worked to balance our budget, he also kept his long-standing commitment to public education. When cuts were proposed, Frank fought his own party to restore funding to our local schools. He also worked to hold the education system accountable by fighting for a strong teacher evaluation system and a property tax cap. Frank is now working to reform the pension system to protect taxpayers.

He concluded his remarks by asking our members to consider his candidacy, asking for our votes.