Donations for the William Dick School

The Pennington's Toll Gate Grammar School again graciously donated items it was repalcing to the Club which we, in turn, donated to the Willaim Dick School.

Alan Agree and Dick Newbert met Irv Perlstein and Syd Baron at the Toll Gate school where they loaded 20 padded student chairs, 4 adult chairs, several boxes or books and some assorted gym equipment in a rented U-Haul

for the trip to 25th and Diamond in Philadlephia.

Driver, Dick Newbert and navigator Alan Agree

together with a team of 8th grade boys

quickly unloaded the supplies which can be put to immediate use by the William Dick students and faculty.

As we've mentioned in the past, support of this inncer-city school is one of our Club's most rewarding and important initiatives.