Hannah Whitty – Our 2019 Neshaminy High School Student-of-the-Year

After sifting through many applications, Hannah Whitty was easily selected as our Rotary Club's Neshaminy High School Student-of-the-Year for 2019.  A graduating senior, Hannah plans to continue her education at Temple University.

Prior to receiving her recognition and scholarship, Hannah captivated the room with her incredibly contagious and irresistible smile.

An excellent student academically, Hannah related her in-school experiences with a Rotary Interact Club, volunteer initiatives supporting other charitable causes and work experience.  .  

I would like to thank the Shady Brook Rotary for awarding me this scholarship.  I am grateful for their generosity and contribution to my future.

To apply for this scholarship, I was asked to list my community service and work experience.  Sorry in advance for the humble brag.  All four years at Neshaminy High School, I have been an active member of a Interact Rotary Club.  So I was a every “End Polio Now’ table at the Langhorne Harvest Days, every Pink Out game for Breast Cancer Awareness and have been part of successfully sending three special needs children to Disney World with our partner, The Sunshine Foundation.  In my Sophomore year I created y own club at the school where we host fundraisers and donation drives for a local homeless shelter; it has been running for the past three years under my leadership.  Then, this past year, I was on the committee that organized our school’s dance-a-thon to fight Pediatric Cancer under a branch of Penn States’ THON.  As far as work, I have been a loyal employee for Styer’s Market for the past three school years. 

In the future, I am pursuing higher education at Temple University.  I hope to work on taking initiative to better myself as a lifelong learner, hard worker and fiscally responsible adult.

I am determined to succeed at my University, in order to achieve this goal I have already started to plan ahead.  I intend to apply for a job on campus, be a Temple Tour Guide for new students later in my freshman year, and compete to be a Resident Assistant for a dormitory floor, all in hopes to conquer the debt I will owe after the next four years.

Even though I am undeclared (sorry mom an dad), I am positive and I want to follow a humanitarian track for my future.  Everything in my life has lead me to this path.  I am excited to meet with my college counselor every month to organize an education plan that right for me.  My future entails continuing my academic journey to push me in the direction of success, so I can pursue an career where I can help those in need.

When I went to call after finding out I was to receive the Shady Brook Rotary Scholarship a song called, “Hometown” came to mind.  The lyrics go; “all I want to do is make my hometown proud”, and that is exactly what I intend to do.  I love the Neshaminy community and Rotary community with all my heart.  The way we all gather and work together for the greater good truly shows ow to put “service above self”.

I vow to take this sentiment with me through the rest of my life.  I promise I won’t disappoint!

She plans on a trip to China this summer to help at an orphanage.

Her dad Paul

and grandmother Florence Dickey

then told us a little bit about Hannah from the hearts of those who have known her most intimately. 

During her young life, Hannah has exemplified the best qualities every Rotarian strives to achieve every day … "Service Above Self" and represents the best of a generation which will become the future leadership of Rotary and our Nation!

The Club was honored to present Hannah with a Certificate of Recognition and a Scholarship check for $1,500.

(l to r)  Paul (dad), Hannah, Rachel (mom), Kathy (sister) and Florence Dickey (grandmother)with Student Program Chair, Augie Adrid