Dawn Wright and Mary LaMere Slack – Day-to-Day Financial Management

The Co-Founders of

Dawn Wright

and Mary LaMere Slack

joined Club members for breakfast this morning and provided a very informative overview of their company which specializes in bringing financial order to their client's lives.  They pride themselves on being trusted, insured professionals dedicated to understanding each client's individual needs and to help then understand what services Daily Money Managers can provide. 

Their formal presentation began with an all too telling slide

to which many people can relate when it comes to the financial and other records.

Dawn and Mary are dedicated to making people’s lives easier.   Meeting privately with prospective clients, the explore their goals and outline the services Day-to-Day can provide which will be tailored to assist them in keeping your financial life in order.

Among the many services which can be tailored to meet clients with differing age and demographic profiles and needs are the following.


Mail Management: The can sort, open and review a client’s mail, throwing away the junk and shredding sensitive information.  The can also file those items that need to be kept.

Bill Payment: Bills can be paid online or with handwritten checks which are signed by clients of their designated legal representative. W hen appropriate, Day-to-Day can arrange for automatic payments of bills.   And, in conjunction with a client’s CPA the can make sure all tax payments are made on time.

Reconciliation of Checking and Credit Card Accounts: Mary and Dawn will see that all accounts will be balanced monthly.

Fraud Review: Day-to-Day can accounts for unusual activity and review monthly statements.

Personal Banking: They can make timely deposits at a client’s financial institution.  Working with a client’s financial planner they can make sure that any required distributions are taken from your retirement account and that those distributions are placed in the designated accounts. 

Budgeting: Day-to-Day can analyze and track income and expenses so that sound and accurate financial decisions can be made. 


Financial Calendar: Day-to-Day will create a financial calendar making sure that all bills and financial deadlines are set out for a client to follow.

File Management: They will clean out and organize a client’s files and set up a filing system that works for them, shredding a discarding any unnecessary documents.

Organizing Your Tax Documents:   Tax documents can be organized throughout the year. They will help complete the tax organizer provided by a client’s CPA and work with them to make sure that tax returns and taxes are prepared properly and on time. 


Medical Claims Submission: Day-to-Day can help make sure medical claims are submitted on a timely basis. They also review benefit explanations and work with a client’s insurance company or Medicare if there are any complications.

Documentation for Personal Property Insurance: Dawn and Mary can arrange to have all personal property photographed and appraised for insurance purposes.

Medicare Planning: They will work with insurance agents or consultants to make sure that clients have the Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan that is right for them. 


Special Projects:  Day-to-Day can collect and organize financial data for meetings with other financial professionals and assist with organizing the paperwork necessary for applying for Medicaid or if necessary, for moving to a retirement community.

Develop A Financial Organizer For Emergencies: Dawn and Mary can gather all of a client’s important financial papers and create a list so that their client or their client’s family can readily access important documents in the event of an emergency.

Notary Services: They can assist in getting important documents notarized.

Referrals: Day-to-Day can refer and liaison with legal, investment, insurance and tax professionals or even help find professionals for a variety of other services. 

At the end of the meeting Club president invited both Dawn and Mary to consider the advantages of joining Rotary where they personal and professional lifetimes of providing services for others can be enhnaced …