Providing Dinner and Entertaining the Guests at Hope Lodge

Ten Club members were hoored to be able to provide an Italian-themed dinner, complete with salad, rolls and more than a dozen dessert choices to patients and their caregivvers at Hope Lodge this evening.


While this wonderful American Cancer Society/Astra Zeneca facility provides free rooms for individuals requiring week-long cancer treatments in the Philadlephia area but who live more than 50 miles away and their spouse or primary caregiver, meals are not included.  To fill that void, organizations from across the greater Philadlephia area, including our Rotary Club, volunteer to provide dinners, often several times each year.

Our Rotary Club members, several of whom are themselves cancer survivors, again sat and talked with the residents who came from as far as Memphis, Tennessee for their cancer treatments at local Philadlephia hospitals.

As it was Halloween, one Club couple took advantage of the date

Fran Zeigler and husband Fred Edelman

After dinner, we hosted another Trivia Night with the first person correctly answering each question receiving a gold dollar coin.  Hosting the event were regulars Ed Carne (with his love of the theater and sports trivia)

and Dick Newbert (with his questions on centered on U.S. history and presidents).

(l to r)  Ed Carne, Assistatn District Governor Chris Potter, Fran Zeigler, Dick Newbert and Fred Edelman

Participating were Fred Edelman & Fran Zeigler, Ed Carne, Jerry Redington, Irv Perlstein, the Club's Hope Lodge chairperson Alan Agree,

Syd & Shelley Baron

and Dick & Debbie Newbert.

Debbie Newbert

At the end of the evening, the patients and caregivers gave the Club members a warm round of applause and thanked our members for their time, conversations, the meal and trivia fun.

Our next visit to Hope Lodge will be on June 4th, 2020.