Pizza Luncheon for the Students at the William Dick School

Alan Agree and Irv Perlstein negotiated a deal with City View Pizza

 to purchase 95 cheese pizzas to provide lunch for the William Dick School's

478 students, plus their teachers and staff.

Alan, Irv, Steve Manas, Dick Newbert and Alan's friend Eric Tobin arrived early to sit in on a presenatation by the Franklin Institute's Traveling Science Shows, created with the goaof generating an enthusiasm for science tamong elementary and middle school students … which was organized by Irv's grandaughter..

After the conclsion of the excellent presnetation, our members were able to work some students with some of thei reading and writing assignments in both kindergaarten and first grade classrooms.

Just aftern noon, the first fifty pizzas arrived

and were probptly distributed to the younger students by a team of six eighth grade boys.  Each student and their teachers were served one slice of pizza.

At 2:00 PM, the second delivery for the 6th, 7th and 8th graders arrived … with the older students being given two slices.

Alan Agree with a "heavy" load

Shortly before we left the school one of teh kindergarten students we'd visited earlier brought us 24 hand-made "Thank You" notes.  A few of those are shown below.

School principal Amy WIlliams noted; “We are extremely grateful to the Rotary Club of Shady Brook for all the support it has given our school throughout the years,” said Williams. “Its members have long been our students’ champions and have provided both necessities – such as books, school supplies and even tables and chairs – and extras – like this pizza party – to bring smiles to their faces and boost their confidence while showing that the key to their future lies in education.” 

Speaking on behalf of our Rotary Club, president Jeff Revak captured the sentiments of all of our members; “Rotary’s mission is service above self,” added club president Jeff Rivak, “and what better role can we play than to invest in the future of these students.”