Andy Meehan, Republican Primary Candidate for US Congress Spoke to the Club Today

We were honored to be joined by Andy Meehan, Republican Candidate for US Congress, opposing incumbent Brian Fitzpatrick in the April 28th primary election.

A long-time local resident, Andy and his wife and two sons currently live in Holland. He grew up in NE Philly and has also resided in Bucks County for many years. He’s been a certified financial advisor for over 20 years. This is the first time Andy has run for office. He is running for Congress because he feels that Brian Fitzpatrick does not adequately support President Trump nor does he reflect “traditional American Republican” values.

Andy is a proponent of much smaller government and greater fiscal responsibility and accountability. He said that the first thing he would do if elected to Congress is to propose a ball that would prevent anyone who is biologically a male from participating in women’s sports teams in areas such as their locker rooms and changing areas. There is currently an Equality Act proposal, which his opponent Brian Fitzpatrick supports, which would allow transgender females (biologically male) to participate on female team, including their changing areas. Club members asked him questions related to his proposal, some were supportive of it while others supported completely equal treatment regardless of biological gender.

If elected, Andy has committed to suppprting Preisdent Trump (if reelected), vote for "Republican" values, support civil rights, vote to fund the southern border wall, support legal immigration, vote for lower and fewer taxes and less governmental regulation; wants to repeal and replace Obamacare, protect women's rights while defunding Planned Parenthood, oppose sanctuary cities, support equal justice for all, wants free and open candidate debates and open town hall meetings.

Club president Jeff Revak and Andy Meehan

Like our speaker last week, Andy needs a petition signed by 1,000 resident Republicans to qualify for the ballot on the April 28th election.  Andy received a round of applause for his presentation and stayed afterwards to collect signatures.