Nick Parsons – Bucks County Housing Group and Penndel Food Pantry

During our weekly Xoom meeting

we were pleased to remotely welcome Nick Parsons of the Penndel Food Pantry,

to which the Club has donated $1,500, and a divison of the Bucks County Housing Group ("BCHG").

Nick provided a detaield overview of the critically importatn work of both teh BCHG and Food Pantries its supports.

With specific references to the BCHG's food pantries, which our CLub hsa supported; the Bucks County Housing Group runs two food pantries in the county (one in Penndel and the other in Doylestown … a potential third might eventually become a reality in Morrisville).  Although the BCJG's  main focus is on housing, it also dedicates resources to these pantries in order to assist those struggling with food insecurity. 

To become a pantry patron, please fill out a registration form during operating hours.

To qualify for Federal and State Food Aid you must not exceed income levels set by the USDA. You’ll need to provide a photo ID and proof of residency in Bucks County. Pantry patrons may visit once each week.

Pantries are closed on major holidays and on the Sunday preceding. Our pantries close in severe weather if road conditions are hazardous.