Collecting School Supplies for the William Dick School

Despite the fact teh Club is now meeting soely via Zoom and the status of the start of the school year in Philadlephia, members, under the dedicated organization of Alan Agree, have been collecting hundreds of dollars worth of school supplies which will be delivered to the Williasm Dick School this coming week. 

We are well aware that many school systems are ill-equipped due to an uprecedented lack funding stemming from the COVID-19 fallout … and those in the most economically-challenged section of Philadelphia being impacted the hardest.  Our hope is that our donations will provide some relief and possibly free up other funds which otherwise would hav eto be committed to purchasing supplies.

A specail thanks to Jerry Redington and his $100 cash donation for supplies,

Nancy and Alan Agree

Dick and Deb Newbert

Bruce and Mona Klugman

Bob and Denise Morris

Irv and Wendy Perlstein

Lou Hatfield, Larry Jaffe

and a special shout out to Gary Smelcer, from Bucks County Comunity College, for his very generous donations.

Alan and Gary behind the masks

and Ira and Robin Sherman. Ira is now leading the "Get the Lead Out" competition, having donated 2,000 pencils … or, as Alan put it, he is Chief Pencil Pusher.

Ira loading more pencils into Alan's car