Brian Fitzpatrick – Republican Candidate for Congress Joined Today’s Meeting

Brian Fitzpatrick is no stranger to our Rotary CLub, having taken the time to speak to our membership on several occasions, both prior to and since the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions wen into place.

On his very first day in office, Brian put forth a bold government reform plan which challenged the career politicians in Washington: term limits for members of Congress, pass a budget or don’t get paid, and balance the budget.

He has been the leader, and presently Vice Chair, of the Problem Colvers Caucus in the House of Representatives, made up of 25 Republicans and 25 Democrats.  His independence from the ideologies of both the far Right and far Left have earned him a reputation as being the most independent member of Congress..

The Lugar Center at Georgetwon Univerrsity on May 20th of this year stated, “Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick earned the highest Bipartisan Index score we have ever recorded by a House member”. 

He’s a nationally-recognized leader in the fight against the opioid crisis, authoring legislation signed into law which provides additional resources for our law enforcement to secure the border and stop the flow of deadly drugs into our communities.

He’s leading the fight to provide those suffering from debilitating terminal diseases a chance at life through access to potentially life-saving treatments.

On other isses he was quesitoned on:

Foreign Policy: 

He sees China as teh biggest threat faced by not only AMerican and the world as a whole.  He is concerned abou thteir actions in the South China Sea, currency manipulations, theft of intellectual property and relationship with Huawei's 5G penetration across teh globe.

Iran seeks to create a fundamentalist Muslim religous theocracy where ever possible

Russia remains an existential threat.

Israel is an important ally and needs our nation's support.


He supports a path to citizenship for immigranst brought to th ecountry by their parents at a young age and know of no other contry but America.

COVID and School openings

Understands that ach school district needs to look aat hte medical science and determine the right course of action to protect students, faculty and administrative staffs and family member at home.

Recognizes the many school districts need financial help fro mtheir local communities, their counties their state governmenst and the federal government.

Keeping children out of school places burdens on families where all parents are working.

Until there is a vaccine and one with wide-spread acceptance, our society may not fully return to th eway it was before the pandemic hit.

COVID Relief Funds

Negotiations over COVID funding is being held-up over two major issues:  Unemployment Compensation and Liability Insurance for business and schools which open up.

Concerend, based on anecdotal eveidence from phone calls received at his offices that some people hae not returend to work as they have been making more money while recieving the enhanced $600 unemployment incentives.

More needs to be done for the unemployed but people shold not receive more than they were making before being laid off.

Voting by Mail

Shares concens that it is a system which can be compromised.

Recognizes it can increase voter participation.

When asked about the relationship between the White House and Justice Department:

He opined that during his career with the Justice Department he never saw in interference from the Exiective branch.

He feels that there is a problem as the Justice Department is headed by the Attorney General who is a presidential appointee.

More information on Brian's posiions on major issues facing the citizens of Bucks and Montgomery Conuties can be found at:

Brian believes that every American deserves a fair shot at success. He will continue to make certain that our institutions serve us, not the career bureaucrats or politicians, and that all those who work hard can live a fulfilling life of dignity and opportunity.

He will continue to protect our families not only from the threat of international terrorism but also from the scourge of drug abuse.

Brian believes he is uniquely qualified to reform our government and put the American Dream back on track.

For nearly a decade and a half, Brian served our country as an FBI Supervisory Special Agent where his focus was fighting political corruption and supporting global counterterrorism efforts.

As an FBI agent, Brian served our country in Operation Iraqi Freedom – the largest of several active fronts in the War on Terror.

Brian also served as the National Director for the FBI’s Campaign Finance and Election Crimes Enforcement Program, and as a national supervisor for the FBI’s Political Corruption Unit. Moreover, he has traveled the world to promote freedom and democracy, where he is recognized as an expert in restoring integrity to governmental institutions.

As a Special Assistant United States Attorney, Brian prosecuted violent drug and gun offenders to stem the tide of abuse and violence. He was also named “Investigator of the Year” by the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation.

A Levittown native and graduate of Bishop Egan High School, Brian is a graduate of LaSalle University, Penn State University and the Dickinson School of Law. He is both a licensed attorney and a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Pennsylvania.

Brian is an Eagle Scout and a certified Emergency Medical Technician in Pennsylvania. He lives in Middletown Township, Bucks County. Brian has lived in Bucks County for nearly 40 years.

Brian is a Member of the Levittown Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Knights of Columbus.