May 12, 2021 – In-Person Meetings At Last – Presidential Citations – Governor’s Awards – New Honorary Member Recognition

After fourteen long months of virtual ZOOM meetings, we were able to get together in-person once again

aand confrim that each of us can "attend" a Rotary meeting in other than out pajamas bottoms!

And, the happiest person to be back with live humans …

Club President Bob Morris recognized two Club stalwarts with Presidential Awards.

Lou Hatfield

For her years of unselfish dedication to the Rotary Club or Shady Brook, the many causes it has and continues to support and as a Board Member and Club’s Secretary for the past six years.  Lou has continued to provide detailed and timely Minutes for all Club meetings, oversee many other administrative Club functions and stepped in to chair the Club’s Student-of-the-Month program this year.     

Arthur Finkle

For his years of unselfish dedication to the Rotary Club or Shady Brook, the many causes it has and continues to support, as a Board Member and Club’s Treasurer since 2008. Arthur has ensured the Club’s finances are always in order, tax reports are filed in a timely manner, attained and maintains its 501(c)(3) status and continues to provide accurate monthly financial reports for two separate accounts

Bob next recognized Alan Agree, Bruce Klugman, Irv Perlstein and Dick Newbert for their 2020-2021 District Governor's Awards

(l to r)  Alan, Bruce, Irv, Dick and Bob

For his generous donations of shoes and clothing and other contributions assisting the Club in its ongoing programs to support the William Dick School, Gary Smelcer was recognized and presented with an Honorary Membership in the Club.

Gary did come prepared with a few, short thoughts to share with the membership

"When Irv and Alan first told me that I was going to be maade an Honorary Rotarian I was excieted.  Everyone knows there no such thing as a free linch, so I had to settle for a free breakfast.  Let me assure you that is the highlight of my day … so far.  I wanted to be reaady for this day and so I went ahead an had a new "rotary" t-shirt he has made for the occasion."

"But, then I went ahead and dod some research aabout Rotary and an truly honrooed to join the ranks of King Gustaf of Sweeded, King George VI of ENglnad, Sir Winston Churchill and Walt Disney.  So, I want to thank the members of the Roatary Club, Irv and Alan, aas well as my mom, my dad, my brother, my uncle, my wife and 4 kids, my dog and most importantly I want to thakn Bube Yum!"

Without exception, Gary's was the most "unique" and "humorous" expression ot thanks our Club has ever received.  We're even more pleased to ahve him joining us!

Alan wound up the morning with some Trivia questions.

For each of us, until this morning, we never apprecaited how special it was to physically gather together each week.