Officers and Activity Chairs

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President:                                    Jeff Revak              (610) 844-6324


Vice President                           Steve Manas         (732) 991-7397

Past President:                          Ira Sherman           (267) 559-7478

Treasurer:                                   Arthur Finkle         (215) 860-3991

Secretary:                                    Lou Hatfield           (267) 315-7499

Membership Chair:                    Fred Edelman         (215) 901-5783

Fundraising Chair:                     Irv Perlstein            (267) 688-7539

At-Large Board Member:           Mark Nath             (215) 987-9685


Activity Chairs:

Adopt-A-Highway   —   Syd Baron

eBay & Craig's List   —

Facebook   —   Ira Sherman

Fundraising  —  Irv Perlstein and Dick Newbert

Grant Programs   —   Alan Agree

Hope Lodge   —   Alan Agree

Interact   —  

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society   —   Alan Agree

Light the Night   —   Ira Sherman and Alan Agree

Membership   —   Fred Edelman

Pancake Breakfast   —   Jerry Redington

Public Relations   —   Steve Manas and Dick Newbert

Rotary Foundation   —   Bruce Klugman

Rotaract   —  

RYLA   —  

Salvation Army Annual Kettle Drive   —   Mark Nath

Speakers   —   Art Issdadore

Students of the Month/Year   —   Augie Adrid

Veterans Programs   —   Irv Perlstein

Web Site   —   Dick Newbert

William Dick School   —   Alan Agree

Woman’s Place and Domestic Violence   —   Fred Edelman and Dolly Sokol


Past Club Presidents

2018-19               Jeff Revak

2017-18                Ira Sherman

2016-17                Dick Newbert

2014-16                Alan Agree

2013-14                Irv Perlstein

2012-13                Henry Garcia

2011-12                Mark Nath

2010-11                Augie Adrid

2009-10                Fred Edelman

2008-09                Ed Carne

2006-08                Bob Morris


In Remembranceof those former Shady Brook Rotarians who helped build, support and nurture our Club and its many causes … but then left us all too soon. 

"When you miss someone, that means you were lucky.  It means you had someone special in your life, someone worth missing"

We are all better for having known them!

     Tony Anella

      Mike DiMeo

      Burt Forman

      Dotty Gelenberg

      Mel Gelenberg

      Joan GIlbert

      Jane Kleibert

      Kenneth Magnani

      Rich O'Brien

      Paul McCool

      Bob Pfeilsticker

      Joel Portnoff

      Helen Powell

      Maurice "Mo" Sokol

      Irv Schatzberg

      Jim Stavos