Recent Speakers

The following are just a few of the many interesting, informative and occasionally controversial guest speakers who have met with and addressed our Club’s Membership:

Bob Craven                     President of the Guardians of the National Cemetery

Russ Davidson                Post Commander of VFW Post 6393

Ted Smith                        Post Commander of American Legion Post 317

Frank Farry                     142nd District PA State Representative

Michael J Freidman        Founder and president of Reversing PA Mortgages, LLC

Ralph Galati                    Former USAF Officer and Vietnam  POW – Professor of Veterans Affairs at St. Josephs Universtiy

Tommy Tomlinson          District 6 PA State Senator

Cheryl Campbell             The Christmas Gala

Tara Huber                      Neshaminy School District Teacher's Union President

Suzi Drake                      Neshaminy High School Rotary Interact Faculty Liason

Regan Savage                 John Maxwell Team

Dr. Frederick Goldstein (PhD)  Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Michael Giacapzzi          Body by Michael

Reggie Shuford               Executive Director, PA Chapter of the ACLU

Laura Jones                      Deputy Director, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bucks County

Ryan Skoczylas                Policy Director for State Senator Tomlinson

Meredith Ortlieb              Senior Campaign Manager – Philadelphia Area of the

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Heather Estes                  Foundation serving Veterans with PTSD & substance abuse problems

John Murawski                Johnsville Centrifuge & Science Museum

Lisa Pennington              Vice Principal, Neshaminy High School

Jason Snyder                    Solar City

James Sell                        Bucks County Community College – Bristol Rotary Club

Brian Fitzpatrick             Republican Candidate for 8th District Congressional Seat

Andy Warren                   Republican Candidate for 8th District Congressional Seat

Noor Phillips                   Zubada Foundation and Mosque in Yardley

John Clough                     Pilot with Angel Flight East

Edward Donnelly             Sheriff of Bucks County

Mike Pentima                   Trenton Thunder

Dean Malik                       Republican 8th District Congressional Candidate

Mark Duome                     Republican 8th District Congressional Candidate

Amy Strouse                      Middletown Supervisor

Steve Stanarsiero              Democratic 8th District Congressional Candidate

Scott Condgon                   President – Neshaminy School Board

John Cordisco                    Chairman – Bucks County Democratic Party

Pat Mallon                         Chairperson – Middletown Supervisors

Shaughnessy Naughton    Democratic Primary Candidate for US Senate

Shane Fitzgerald               Executive Editor – Bucks County Courier Times

Merideth Ortlieb               Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Kate McHugh                    Tabor Children’s Services

Dr. Richard Fried              Yardley Dermatology

Nate Smith                        BSA Troop 22 – Eagle Scout Candidate

Bob Craven                       Guardians of the National Cemetery

Frank Farry                       142nd District PA State Representative

Tommy Tomlinson          6th District PA State Senator

Kevin Strouse                   Democratic 8th District Congressional Candidate

Wendy Lewis                    Parkinson Foundation

Kimberly Rose                  Democratic 6th District State Senate Candidate

Gina Kiley                         Democratic PA 142nd District House Candidate

Mike Fitzpatrick               8th District Congressman

Robert Loughery              Bucks County Commissioner

Charlie Martin                  Bucks County Commissioner

Diane Marsaglia               Bucks County Commissioner

Joseph Bartrolia               Middletown Chief of Police

Hev Saing                         Your Differences are your Success

Sheryl Fitzgerald             Bucks County Assoc. for the Blind

Nate Bohlander               The Fairness Center

Cindy Hamill-Dahlgren  Commonwealth Foundation

Guy Petroziello                Editorial Editor – Bucks County Courier Times

James Patrick                  Riverside Theater

Dr. Michael Goldstein     Director Health Works – Lower Bucks Hospital

Callista Oberhaltzer        Spring Village

Brian Loughlin                U.S.O.

Steven Ratt                      Marketing Manager – Bucks County Playhouse

Alex Fraiser                     Director – Bucks County Playhouse

Stephanie Shanblatt       President – Bucks County Community College

Robert Copeland             Neshaminy School District Superintendent

Anthony Moscato           Commissioner – Pennsylvania Gaming Board

Douglas Harbach            Director of Communications – PA Gaming Board

Jennifer Pennington      Bowman Wildflower Preserve

David Heckler                 Bucks County District Attorney

Cookie McCulley-Breustedt   Critical Cardiology – Mercer-Bucks Hospital

Ken Krawchuk                 Libertarian Candidate for Governor of PA