The Rotary Club of Shady Brook Recognizes its Maple Point Middle School Students-of-the-Month for April and May and its Neshaminy High School 2017-18 Student-of-the-Year.

The Rotary Club of Shady Brook recognized two Maple Point Middle School students are their Students-of-the-Month for April and May at its dinner meeting at Christine’s Restaurant in Yardley.

Sonilia Davis – April Student-of-the-Month

Sonilia spoke about her love of animals and horses in particular and hopes to pursue a career in which she would be working with animals

(l to r) Club President Ira Sherman, Sonilia Davis and Student-of-the-Month Chair Dr. Augie Audrid

Vasjan (dad), Sonilia, cousin Rebecca and Meri (mom)


Grace Pfluger – May Student-of-the-Month

Grace shared her passion for music and vocal and instrumental talents in addition to her academic accomplishments

(l to r) Student-of-the-Month Chair Dr. Augie Audrid Grace Pfluger and Club President Ira Sherman,

Matt (dad), Amy (mom), Grace and Finn (brother)

Both Sonilia and Grace were presented with Certificates of Recognition and a check for $100.


The Club also presented Neshaminy High School graduating senior Caitlyn Albarran with its 2017-18 Student-of-the-Year award.

Caitlyn has been accepted into Penn State’s Nursing program and hopes to work with children after graduation

(l to r) Club President Ira Sherman and Student-of-the-Year Chair Dr. Augie Audrid presented Caitlyn with a Certificate of Recognition and a $1,000 Scholarship

Caitlyn and mom Cecliia (her father, Derek was unfortunately traveling and unable to attend)

A special treat was to hear from Sonilia’s mom Meri, Grace’s mom Amy and Caitlyn’s mom Cecilia … each spoke, not only their pride in their daughter’s recognized accomplishments, but also about their growth as individuals.

Young people such as these three women are a hopeful sign for the future of our Community, Commonwealth and Country!

Visit to Philadelphia’s William Dick School

Nine Club members made the trip to 25th and Diamond in Philadelphia to visit the William Dick School this morning.

The morning began with a formal unveiling of a poster which commemorates the Club's many year involvement with and commitment the school which it has supported with monetary grants, in-kind donations or supplies an dbooks for its libaray and classroom volunteer time.


School principal, Amy Williams

provided an update on the school and its current challenges.

(l to r)  Syd Baron, Irv Perlstein, Amy Williams, Arthur and Debbie Isadore, Nancy and Alan Agree, Fran and Fred Edleman and Dick Newbert (photographer – not shown)

The 550-student K-to-8 school is located in an area of the city presently classified has having 96% "extreme poverty".

Yet it is the one place where these children experience an environment of sanity, as opposed to the insanity which often defines the neighborhood where they live, feel safe and are guaranteed nourishing breakfasts and lunches.  Unlike many suburban schools, students at William Dick are typically disappointed when school is canceled for weather, teacher training or other reasons.

For those of us who made today's trip, the highlight, as is usually the case, was the time spent in several classrooms reading with and helping some of the kindergarten and first grade children.

Syd Baron

Debbie Isadore

Irv Perlstein

Alan Agree

Art Isadore

Fred Edelman

Nancy Agree

Fran Edelman

At the end of the morning's classes, we reconvened with Amy who introduced us to Tremell Green

an amazing and incredibly inspiring young man who came from the neighborhood in which the school is located.  Not only did he mamange to avoid the gang and other pitalls which all too often entrap young men from the "hood" into a life of crime, prison and possible death … but is now a college graduate who has committed himself to working as the schools emotional support coordinator in which he has become a role model for the students … personally sacrificing higher income opportunities to give back to his community in the process.

His dedication brings to mind Walter Ruther's observation, "There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Among the memories we take away from each of our visits to the William Dick School are the faces of the students wiith whom we are fortunte to interact.