Amie Davidson from Amada Senior Care

Aamie Davidson, Director of Marketing and Sales

for Amada Senior Care

joined us for brekfast this orning and provided a detaield overview of her company's sernior care services and how they offered enhancements and protections that other options do not provide.

Amada offers four types of services for seniors and their families: in-home senior care, senior housing advising, home monitoring, and financial care coordination (help with long-term care insurance and other funding options for senior care, such as the veteran’s aid and attendance benefit)


At Amada we look for ways to make simple, everyday tasks special. Amada’s in-home caregivers not only take care of daily essentials like cooking and cleaning, they also go above and beyond to make their clients smile. Recently, one of our caregivers discovered that her client had spent his whole life farming – so she purchased some seeds before her visit and planted a garden for them to tend together. At Amada, we know in-home care isn’t just about performing tasks on a to-do list. It can be hard for seniors to accept new limitations and open their home up to a stranger. Our caregivers understand that it’s essential to show compassion and really connect with their clients to make the changes easier. Amada caregivers are trained to provide assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) like:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Meal preparation/feeding
  • Medication reminders
  • Walking/exercise assistance
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Errands/shopping
  • Toileting
  • Non-medical help

Housing Options

Assisted living communities are designed to provide help for residents with basic ADLs. Some states also allow assisted living community to offer medication assistance and/or reminders. Unlike nursing homes, though, assisted living communities do not offer complex medical services. Every senior has unique care needs and preferences when it comes to assisted living community. Amada is able to help families narrow down their options based on individual care needs, budget, location, and personal preferences.Because Amada has extensive experience with long-term care insurance, veterans’ programs, and other non-traditional payment options, we’re also able to help families figure out the best ways to pay for assisted living. You don’t have to navigate this process alone. All of Amada’s senior housing and assisted living placement services are completely free to our clients. By offering care giving and placement services, we are able to help seniors find the living arrangement that suits them best. Amada has relationships with hundreds of local senior care and assisted living communities, so we can help you quickly identify the facility that best meets your loved one’s needs. We specialize in referrals for the following types of facilities:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Large and small communities
  • Independent living communities
  • Board and care homes
  • Adult family homes
  • Senior care homes
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Alzheimer/dementia communities


The all-new BeClose with Amada system will help you take care of your loved one from anywhere. Our breakthrough technology provides information on daily activities and reports behavioral patterns to a web-based dashboard or directly via email or mobile device. Whether you are across the street or across the country you can know real-time changes in routine, so you can get help or prevent small problems from becoming larger ones. When those we love need us, we want to be close. Amada Senior Care makes that possible.

Transparent Family Web Portal: 

Amada is widely considered the industry’s first agency to build an online portal system called Transparent to help busy families keep in touch. With a personal ID and password, registered family members can log on, day and night, and see exactly what duties our staff has performed.

Financial Care Coordination

Amada Senior Care Advisors are considered by many in the medical community as experts in care coordination and navigating care financing options.

Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Professional and experienced advisors aid families in implementing and managing long-term care policies, including claims filing and management.
  • Complimentary research and long-term care insurance policy analysis.

Veterans Assistance Programs

  • Knowing what kind of government assistance is available to war-era veterans is essential to a senior’s financial future. Amada provides families with resources and education on these programs

Hannah Whitty – Our 2019 Neshaminy High School Student-of-the-Year

After sifting through many applications, Hannah Whitty was easily selected as our Rotary Club's Neshaminy High School Student-of-the-Year for 2019.  A graduating senior, Hannah plans to continue her education at Temple University.

Prior to receiving her recognition and scholarship, Hannah captivated the room with her incredibly contagious and irresistible smile.

An excellent student academically, Hannah related her in-school experiences with a Rotary Interact Club, volunteer initiatives supporting other charitable causes and work experience.  .  

I would like to thank the Shady Brook Rotary for awarding me this scholarship.  I am grateful for their generosity and contribution to my future.

To apply for this scholarship, I was asked to list my community service and work experience.  Sorry in advance for the humble brag.  All four years at Neshaminy High School, I have been an active member of a Interact Rotary Club.  So I was a every “End Polio Now’ table at the Langhorne Harvest Days, every Pink Out game for Breast Cancer Awareness and have been part of successfully sending three special needs children to Disney World with our partner, The Sunshine Foundation.  In my Sophomore year I created y own club at the school where we host fundraisers and donation drives for a local homeless shelter; it has been running for the past three years under my leadership.  Then, this past year, I was on the committee that organized our school’s dance-a-thon to fight Pediatric Cancer under a branch of Penn States’ THON.  As far as work, I have been a loyal employee for Styer’s Market for the past three school years. 

In the future, I am pursuing higher education at Temple University.  I hope to work on taking initiative to better myself as a lifelong learner, hard worker and fiscally responsible adult.

I am determined to succeed at my University, in order to achieve this goal I have already started to plan ahead.  I intend to apply for a job on campus, be a Temple Tour Guide for new students later in my freshman year, and compete to be a Resident Assistant for a dormitory floor, all in hopes to conquer the debt I will owe after the next four years.

Even though I am undeclared (sorry mom an dad), I am positive and I want to follow a humanitarian track for my future.  Everything in my life has lead me to this path.  I am excited to meet with my college counselor every month to organize an education plan that right for me.  My future entails continuing my academic journey to push me in the direction of success, so I can pursue an career where I can help those in need.

When I went to call after finding out I was to receive the Shady Brook Rotary Scholarship a song called, “Hometown” came to mind.  The lyrics go; “all I want to do is make my hometown proud”, and that is exactly what I intend to do.  I love the Neshaminy community and Rotary community with all my heart.  The way we all gather and work together for the greater good truly shows ow to put “service above self”.

I vow to take this sentiment with me through the rest of my life.  I promise I won’t disappoint!

She plans on a trip to China this summer to help at an orphanage.

Her dad Paul

and grandmother Florence Dickey

then told us a little bit about Hannah from the hearts of those who have known her most intimately. 

During her young life, Hannah has exemplified the best qualities every Rotarian strives to achieve every day … "Service Above Self" and represents the best of a generation which will become the future leadership of Rotary and our Nation!

The Club was honored to present Hannah with a Certificate of Recognition and a Scholarship check for $1,500.

(l to r)  Paul (dad), Hannah, Rachel (mom), Kathy (sister) and Florence Dickey (grandmother)with Student Program Chair, Augie Adrid 

Raven Hawkins – April Student-of-the-Month

The Rotary Club of Shady Brook welcomed its April Student-of-the-Month, and eighth-grader from Maple Point Middle School., Raven Hawkins

Raven's infectious smile enchnated the forty-plus in audience!

and her family.

As explained by Raven and her mom, Darlene,

their family relocated from South Carolina to Bucks County when Raven was in the 5th grade.  Her initial adjustment to this new environment was both extremely difficult and emotionally challenging for her.  However, over the ensuing four years Raven has blossomed … becoming engaged in a variety of extra-curricular activities both at school and in her community and achieving a straight "A" scholastic record.  Her mom described her as a very happy young woman (which was also evident form Ravens remarks), popular with her classmates, and strives to be helpful to everyone with whom she comes in contact.

Raven's exceptional family was also on display when Darlene revealed that Raven's sister had donated a kidney to her father, Gerald.

Club Chair for Student Recognition Programs Augie Adrid presented Raven with a Certificate of Recognition and a check for $100.


Unfortunately, the Club's May Student-of-the-Month, also a Maple Point Middle School eighth-grader, Nikola Hulak, called at the last minute indicating he was ill and unable to attend.  Plans are being made to make a formal presentaiton to Nikola in the near future.

Welcoming Three New Members

At is monthly dinner meeting at Lanhgorne's Bella Tori at the Mansion,

the Club was delighted to welcome three new members.

Maryanne Gallagher, an Associate Broer with Keller WIlliams Real Estate … sponsored by Jeff Revak

Presentation made to Maryanne by Club President Jeff Revak

Donna Fine, a Pharmacist at Abington Hpospital … sponsored by Denise and Bob Morris

Presentation made to Donna Maryanne by Club President Jeff Revak

Jimmy Gay, a retired Charleston, South Carolina police officer and retired Amtrak Employee … sponsored by Billie and Augie Adrid.

A light moment

Club  President presents Jimmy with a Rotary Pin

The Club is extremelly fortunate to have Maryanne, Donna and Jimmy join us as new members.  Thier respective lifetime commitments to helping othersin their personal and professional live, living the essence of Rotary's Four Way Test, ensure they will be valuable partners in the Club's many initiatives in support of so many organizations, individuals and needy causes.



Donald Petrille, Jr. Bucks County Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans Court

The Club was delighted to host David Petrille, Jr. the Bucks County Register of WIlls and Clerk of the Orphans Court.

Club president Jeff Revak greeted David at breakfast

David has been a licensed Pennsylvania attorney for more than 20 years, primarily representing businesses and their shareholders as they wrestle with complex issues in today’s ever-changing legal environment.  Whether helping an entrepreneur organize a first business venture or counseling an established business on corporate governance issues, contract law, human resource issues or creditors’ rights, or helping with a sale or acquisition, he has spent his career helping small-business owners succeed. I have a varied client base in diverse industries such as real estate management, alternative energy, market research, telecommunications, construction and software development.

Supporting Veterans

Irv Perlstein recently presented Robert Osterhaut, Commander or Jessy Soby American Legion Post 148

and a representative of State Representative Frank Farry's officer

with gift certifiate donations donations for needy veterans … as paaart of the Club's ongoing support of our fellow Americans who chose to serve our nation..



“Thanks” from the William Dick School

Alan Agree, the chair of our Club's commitment to the William Dick School recently reeived the following.

"William Dick Students have been writing unsolicited "Thank You" notes in the past few weeks especially for the books and clothes Club members have delivered to the School last month.

The following are samples of a recent batch of letters we have recieved from 3rd and 4th graders.

  • "Thank you so much Rotary Club, yall are the best."
  • "Dear Rotary Club. We  appreciate the books yall donated to us to take home and read.yall are the best ,I wish I can join yall but I'm to young and I can't go, but when I turn 18 I can join the Rotary Club, it is probably awesome"  THANK YOU from ZAMAIB
  • "I love your books, Thank you Rotary Club."
  • "Dear Rotary Club for donating the books and for being nice tous. So we are going to be nice to you guys .BY making these cards because you guys are the best of all ."  THANK YOU from Nadashe
  • "How to thank Rotary Club."
  • "Hi,Rotary Club!!! Thanks!!!! Thank you for the things you gave us! We use all the things you gave and used it. until we could not no more.Like for example this PENCIL. Thank you for everything! We respect this Club! Keep inspiring people and keep going!"  Sincerely, Darren
  • "The joy we bring to these impoverished children by a single book is a testament to the donations we make in books, clothes, pencils, bookbags winter coats , school supplies, snacks and school bus trips."
  • "I thank you all for you support of William Dick. Maybe our kindness will give hope for these kids future, which will be so difficult."

A sample of just some of teh many cards we received from thos students:


While not sought, together with the smiles on the students' faces during visits to the School, these notes and letters reinforce our confidence that our dedication to the William Dick School is making a real difference in the lives of its students!





The Voice of the Eagles Joins the Club for Breakfast

Merrill Reece, the "Voice of the Eagles"

since 1977, the NFL's longest tenured announcer, joined club members and guests this morning for breakfast. 

And, depsite some member's having long-standing devotion to the Eagels division rival NY Giants and one (not present) aTom Brady and Patriots fan, everyone throoughly enjoyed his incredible presentation, calling in "sensational" and being amazed by his "total recall" of names, games and even plays he has witnessed over a span of more than four decades.

Reese is a graduate of Temple University earning a bachelor's degree in Communications and Broadcasting. While in college, he learned his craft by doing play-by-play over the college's radio station,  WRTI FM. ThereI, Reese also had a music show every Wednesday afternoon where he spun 45-rpm records (most of our members clearly remember them) from his own personal collection.

Reese eventually landed a job in Philadelphia as a newscaster and sportscaster at WHAT and its FM companion WWDB.  After a few years he moved on to WIP as a backup for that station's Sports Director, Charlie Swift, who did drive-time sportscasts and Philadelphia Eagles play-by-play. While Swift was vacationing, Reese began doing the pre-game and post-game shows for the Eagles on WIP and later was assigned to do color commentary during the games.  Hours after Swift committed suicide on December 7th, 1977, Reese was immediately promoted to Eagles play-by-play voice. His debut in that capacity was a 17–14 home victory over the (sorry Steve) New York Giants four days later on December 11th.

On Sunday, February 4, 2018, Reese called Super Bowl LII, as the Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33 (one of us can take consolation about whe won last year's Super Bowl) for their first Super Bowl title. With 38 seconds remaining in the 2nd quarter, he called the Eagles' 4th and Goal play which would later be known as the "Philly Special" thus:

“Foles in the gun. Clement to his right. Now lines up behind Foles. Foles moves to the right and it goes directly to Clement and Clement reverses it and it goes into the end zone…AND IT'S A TOUCHDOWN BY NICK FOLES!"

Then, in the 4th quarter, Reese called the game's final play:

"Batted around…and incomplete! And the game is over! The game is over! The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions. Eagles fans everywhere, this is for you. Let the celebration begin!”

Merrill answered numerous questions.

He thought Donovan McNabb was their best quarterback. He has all the records. He thought Randall Cunningham was the most exciting, the best athlete. He felt the Eagles are in the mix for the 2019-20 post season success.

(l to r)  Merrill Reece and Club President Jeff Revak

He answered questions. He thought Donovan McNabb was their best quarterback. He has all the records. He thought Randall Cunningham was the most exciting, the best athlete. He felt the Eagles are in the mix for post season success.

Merrill has been named Pennsylvania Sportscaster-of-the-Year by the National Association of Sportscasters and Sportswriters numerous times. He’s been named Selected Radio Broadcaster of the Year by the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters as well as Selected Person of the Year by the Broadcast Pioneers. He was the recipient of the March of Dimes Lifetime Achievement Award, winner of the Lindsey Nelson Award for Excellence in Sportscasting by the All American Football Association, and was selected by Philadelphia Magazine as Philadelphia’s best sportscaster. His autobiography published in 1998, “Merrill Reese: It’s Gooooood!” is a best seller. He also wrote “Sportscasting: Turning Your Passion into a Profession”.

He’s been inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame, Temple University Communications Hall of Fame, and Overbrook High School Hall of Fame.

Merrill is now part-owner of WBCB and serves as General Manager.  He’s an avid golfer and competes in numerous charity tournaments.  He currently resides in Blue Bell with his wife Cindy. His son, Nolan, is a film editor and resides in Hollywood, California.  His daughter, Ida, is a graphic designer.