Matthew Morris – Our Club’s Honorary Captain for the “Els for Autism” 2017 Golf Challenge

The Els for Autism foundation is the major beneficiary of our 2017 charity golf outing.  As a result our Rotary Club is also an affiliated Team for the Els 2017 Golf Challenge. 

We are honored to be able to name Matthew Morris as our Team's Honorary Captain.

Matthew is a funny, friendly, kind and smart loving sixteen-year-old young man.  He has a beautiful smile and attention-getting red hair.  He loves being outdoors, spending time with his family and friends, going to the beach, listening to music, playing soccer, eating pizza and playing on the computer … like most other sixteen-year-olds.  Except, he has autism.

Diagnosed just before his second birthday, Matthew’s sunny personality began to show changes.  He became more frustrated at his inability to communicate verbally with his family.  Thanks to years of Speech, Occupational and Behavioral therapies (both at home and in school) as well as wonderful, caring and skilled teachers and the love and support of his family, he was able overcome many setbacks.

Another, more personal challenge Matt had to face was the loss of his father to colon cancer almost seven years ago.  His ability to cope with this tragedy is another testament to his strength and just how much progress he has made since his initial diagnosis. 

Today, Matthew attends Pennsbury High School where he is in an autistic support class.  He is also receiving life skills training, as well as participating in a work-based learning experience and works a few hours a day in the school’s cafeteria.  His hope, as well as that of his family, is that someday he can live as independently as possible and pursue many of his dreams.

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