Kaitlin Jeuch – Our Maple Point Middle School 2021 February Student-of-the-Month

Lou Hatfield, Student-of-the-Month Chair presented Kaitlin Jeuch with the Club's Maple Point Middle School Student-of-the-Month Certificate of Recognition and a $100 scholarship award for February 2021.

Kaitlin Jeuch

Kaitlin thanked the Club; "I am honored to have received this Student of the Month Award from the Shady Brook Rotary Club. I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I like math and science. I find them interesting and I like how there is a right answer while also being open ended sometimes. My hobbies include art and looking into psychology; they both really interest me. I do art both traditionally and digitally. It gives me a nice escape into my own reality. I can control where everything is, even how deep the shadows can be. It’s amazing! I’m interested in psychology because I like the concept of the human brain and therapy. I like how diagnosing mental illnesses works and how it is so much more complex than people think. I like taking time to look into symptoms and behaviors and being able to pinpoint an abstract topic into a category and how that process helps people. I don’t have an exact college plan, but I do know I want to be a therapist or guidance counselor."

Kaitin with parents Joanne and Dan Jeuch