Welcome to Michelle Gramilovitz, Our New Assistant District Governor

We were delighted to welcome both Michelle Gramilovitz, former president of the Langhorne Rotary Club our new Assistant District Governor,

and her recently promoted predecessor, Chris Potter, to this morning’s meeting.

Michelle commented on how impresed she was at learning about our Club's many projects and initiatives,paying special attention to the WIlliam Dick School, veterans programs and our prior golf outings.

Much of the discussion then centered around the lack of cooperation on porjects between area clubs as well as the lack of Rotarians from one club participating in any of the activities of sister clubs … and how to possibly overcome this barrier. 

On a related matter, new member recruitment was also raised as a challenge our Club is facing, particularly diuring the COVID-19 pandemic and necessity to hold our meeting virtually via Zoom. Michelle suggested that we might contact teh Doylestown Club and inquire about their Rotaract club, from which potential new members might be recruited.

Alan asked about Grant training which Chris confirmed that this and other training would be available virtualy and on-line.

An exchange of views on the wisdom of holding a club-sponsored charity golf outing was discussed.

Our Club's Wiliam Dick School support is being proposed for a virtual presentaiton during an upcoming District Conference's House of Friendship session.

Michelle was congratulated on her new district role and the time she took visiting us today.